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ARC 4100 Basic Analog Recorder
This front to panel basic recorder represents rugged analog recording at its best. It can measure, record and control up to two process variables. Its reliability is proven by having the largest installed base of any analog 10" diameter chart recorder. Set up is easy, setpoints are selected via a thumbwheel switch. PID and high limit control for critical environmental chamber applications.
MRC 5000 Basic Digital Recorder
Slim, best-value recorder can record and control up to two process variables. It is ideal for basic digital recording applications with shallow depth panel requirements. Applications include temperature, pH level and high/low limit control. Well suited to critical chamber applications.
MRC 7000 Recorder/Controller/Profiler for general purpose
MRC 7000 is proven recording reliability and affordable profile/control capability. This versatile recorder controls up to two process variables, displays two process values, and offers true time-based profile capability. It offers isolated inputs and eight programmable profiles. Extra assurance comes from a security mode that protects against unauthorized changes.
MRC 7700 Relative Humidity Recorder/Controller/Profiler
Displays true time-based profiling of relative humidity and temperature using dry- and wet-bulb temperature inputs. Well respected for reliability.
MRC 7800 Flow Recorder
Designed specifically to record flow with broad alarm and indication functionality. Special features include flow totalization, square root extraction, and ability to convert head to flow for Parshall flumes and weirs. Outputs for high/low flow or to activate at preset totalization values for batching applications. Dual display shows two process values at the same time.
MRC 8000 12" Recorder/Controller
Rugged, reliable, economical record/control capability refined for larger recording application needs. Isolated inputs and a large 12" chart provide the highest resolution and record accuracy in a recorder of this type. Capable of measuring, recording and displaying temperature, pressure, level, flow, and other process variables. Dual displays show two values at the same time.
VersaChart Alpha/Numeric Recorder/Controller/Profiler
This is a versatile, powerful, performance-priced recorder/controller/profiler that is ideal for demanding applications. This high-performance device provides custom ramp/soak capability, true time-based profiling, and exceptional value per data point. Using advanced printing technology, the VersaChart produces a 4-color chart with alpha/numeric characters and real-time "chart Messaging" capability. It is the only circle chart recorder delivering 16 profiles with eight segments each.
VersaEZ 4-Pen Recorder
A simplified VersaChart at a performance price that won't break your budget. This device comes pre-configured for fast, easy. plug and play installation. Change only those parameters necessary and programming is completed in minutes.
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