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A24 Test Gas Generator The Puffer
The A24 Puffer is a portable, battery-operated instrument containing a gas generator and simple hand pump that provides the puff of air needed for sensor response checks. Puffers are water resistant for use in any environment and are designed to intrinsic safety standards. Generator cells provide hundreds of tests, with LED to indicate the remaining life of the generator cell. Generator cells are easily changed and the life indicator can be reset when a new generator is installed
D12-IR Digital Gas Transmitter
ATI's Series D12-IR gas transmitter eliminates the poisoning problems inherent in catalytic bead sensors. While Catalytic LEL sensors offer reliable service the presence of silicon vapors, hydrogen sulfide and halogenated hydrocarbons can quickly degrade sensor performance. Infrared sensing technology is not susceptible to these potential interferants, which means greater measurement stability and longer sensor life.
Model A12 UniSens Transmitter
Our UniSens universal 2-wire gas transmitter handles 28 different gases, providing the economical and flexible gas measurement system available today. Combining universal electronics, bench calibration capability, automatic sensor verification, fault detection and alarming, and superior sensor technology. UniSens is designed for ambient gas monitoring in all kinds of industrial environments, in fact the UniSens transmitter can be used most anywhere that hazardous gas conditions might develop either through leakage or through natural buildup.
Model A15/64 Dissolved Ozone Monitor
The Model A15/64 is an advanced electrochemical system for continuously monitoring dissolved ozone concentration in water. It uses a direct sensing
ozone probe to measure dissolved ozone specifically, without interference from other sample components, such as residual chlorine. Engineered
to perform reliably with a minimum of maintenance.
Model A23-14 Ozone Gas Generator
ATI's Model A23-14 is a portable generator designed to produce an ozone gas concentration below 1PPM, which can be used for detector calibration at almost any location. Ozone generators are supplied in a durable molded case with sufficient space for outlet tubing and calibration adapters. The basic kit contains the generator, one 103 liter air cylinder with fixed flow regulator and 3 feet of outlet tubing.
Series A14 Gas Sens Ozone Gas Leak Detector
The Gas Sens A14 Modular Gas Detector is a flexible component system providing a variety of options to meet individual gas detection and alarm requirements. The Gas Sens system can be applied to the simplest or most complex gas detection application. Economical and low maintenance, this system is your best choice for reliable gas leak detection. Gas Sens gas detection systems consist of individual modules that can be located where required.
Series A21 Gas Sample Pumping System
ATI's A21 Gas Sampler is a pumping system designed to draw gas samples from ducts or hard to access locations and deliver the samples to gas sensors such as the D12 Toxic and Combustible Gas Detector that would be located in a more convenient area.
Series C16 Porta Sens II Portable Ozone Leak Detector
ATI's Series C16 PortaSens II Portable Gas Leak Detector is a versatile tool for performing regular leak checks in gas storage areas, around process equipment and piping, or in confined spaces prior to entry. Designed for easy one-hand operation, the gas detector contains an internal sample pump and a flexible sampling wand to allow pinpoint location of the source of leakage. A large character display insures that measured values are easily visible, and a back-light for the display insures readability in low or no light conditions
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