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BC104 Batch Controller
The introduction of the BC-104 brings to Anderson’s offering of superior products an extremely versatile and complete control package. To start, the BC-104 offers all of the capabilities of any stand alone batch controller in a single panel mount device. Then add to this package analog input capability, control inputs, and additional relay and analog outputs that are integrated using an internal programmable logic controller, and you have a device which can satisfy a multitude of custom processing needs.
HM Series Turbine Flowmeter
Anderson’s HM-series turbine flowmeter is the solution for applications requiring an economical, accurate flowmeter. Using the proven method of counting the rotation of a turbine within a flowing stream of liquid, the “HM” turbine flowmeter is not merely a modification of an industrial design, but a design that was created specifically for the sanitary food and dairy industry.
IZML Flowmeter
The IZML Flowmeter is a precision instrument that mounts directly to the process line, and provides real-time information about the process. The IZML measures current generated from conductive product passing through an electromagnetic field. The resulting information that the IZML generates can be used to provide an instantaneous indication of the rate of a liquid or collected over time to indicate a totoal of what has passed through the pipe.
IZMS Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter
The IAMS series electromagnetic flowmeter is the ideal choice for conductive fluids and slurries. Measurement accuracy is unaffected by product viscosity, density, temperature, and the presence of suspended particulates and solids.
RZ Positive Displacement Flowmeter
The RZ series positive displacement flowmeter is the solution to applications requiring precision flow measurement from a sanitary design. With an accuracy of ± 0.15% over the operational rate, the RZ is an excellent choice for beverage syrups, clear juices and other products which flow through process lines which are cleaned in place. Designed for use in food processing applications, the RZ is capable of measuring a wide range of products from water to viscous corn syrups.
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