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GP01 Fixed-Sheath RTD Assemblies
Fixed-Sheath RTD Assemblies with General-Purpose Connection Heads are provided with head mounting fittings that are welded or brazed to the sheath for direct immersion into a process.
MGO Thermocouple Assembly
A Pyromation MgO thermocouple assembly consists of a thermocouple element swaged in hard-packed, standard-purity (96%) Magnesium Oxide mineral insulation and encased in a metal sheath.
RTD Resistance Temperature Detectors
Resistance temperature detectors (RTD) accurately sense temperature with an excellent degree of repeatability and interchangeability of elements. The RTD is composed of certain metallic elements whose change in resistance is a function of temperature. In operation, a small excitation current is passed across the element, and the voltage, which is proportional to resistance, is then measured and converted to units of temperature calibration. The RTD element is manufactured by winding a wire (wire wound elements) or plating a film (thin film elements) on a ceramic or glass core and sealing the element within a ceramic or glass capsule.
W81 Sanitary Weld-In Thermowells
Sanitary Weld-In Thermowells are offered in 316 stainless steel. The thermowell is designed to be welded into a tank or vat with a full crevice-free fillet-weld to prevent corrosion, bacteria growth, and product contamination.